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Haven first came to the Central Coast in 2012 and has since evolved into the CBD Day Spa that you can experience today! You can find our lovely sanctuary in downtown Ventura with gorgeous views of the channel islands and cemetery park!


Guided by LMT Emily Miller, Haven represents the culmination of 10+ years of  experience and research into the synergistic effects of combining the use of topically applied CBD with healing massage techniques.

Through the use of organic, hand crafted CBD oils in conjunction with ancient healing modalities of massage Haven is the first of it’s kind as an endeavor that enhances your physical and mental well being through the use of CBD treatments.

We believe in the interconnectedness of mind and body and we use only the finest, organic sourced products in our somatic, whole body CBD treatments.  You will not find the healing arts offered at Haven duplicated anywhere else.

It is our mission is to build enduring and rewarding relationships with our clients and the community by sharing our knowledge, experience, and excellent customer service.

Let Haven help you discover a higher level of healing!



"Emily created a welcoming and kind atmosphere (smells like heaven in my home now). She gave me a very in-depth consultation and explained how she works with CBD and how it could be used for my particular ailments. I really needed to see someone gentle but also firm to work out the tension in my body. I'm so grateful I found her. She's amazing!! I will definately have her come back for more sessions."


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