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Haven is the first spa of its kind to create a holistic integration of Hemp based CBD products with holistic massage and energetic treatments! The addition of Haven's CBD products introduces a brand new experience that will activate your endocannabinoid system during your treatments to induce a holistic and therapeutic effect to bring you an experience unlike any other treatment you will find.


 Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids but each of us have a varying degree of deficiency. This lack shows itself through a variety of symptoms like insomnia, anxiety,  mood swings, depression all of which cause our bodies to hold unnecessary tension that is hard to release. 


By combining the therapeutic massage techniques of your practitioner with a full body topical comprised of hemp oil rich in cannabinoids your mind, spirit and endocannabinoid system will become revitalized, refreshed and thank you.


Discover a higher level of healing at Haven Spa in downtown Ventura or Haven Spa's satellite location inside of the beautiful grassroots Yoga Studio!


Choose Your Service & Your Vibe

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